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While I have always been interested in natural products, when I developed a severe sensitivity to fragrances, I had to seek out naturally-scented or un-scented products.

After taking a class at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden called “Herbal Medicine Making,” I learned how to infuse oil with healing herbs and began making my own salves and lip balms, and then room sprays and body lotions.

During the pandemic I started making my own cold-process soap and have enjoyed formulating recipes and trying new designs. Soap-making is therapeutic and calming, and the end products have become increasingly inventive and beautiful.

I have received such positive feedback and encouragement that I decided to share my products with others who may be searching for all natural, organic, handmade, simple soaps. I’m also offering my herbal salves and lip balms, with more products to come.

I formulate my recipes using several luxurious oils and butters, and organic ingredients whenever possible. I only use a select few organic essential oils and never any fragrances or perfumes. And I only use natural colorants like clays and botanical powders in the soap, never any micas or even titanium dioxide. Because of this, the colors are a bit muted, but always something natural and organic - often ingredients you find in your kitchen, like turmeric, cocoa powder, and pumpkin pie spice.

Creating these soaps, lip balms, and herbal salves has been a wonderful experience, and Janet’s Organics has emerged “organically.”

Janet at the Domestic Violence Solutions Donor Thank You 10/2023.
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